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Question   Television
Was looking at my television screen showing crome cast images and saw one of your photographs Tammy Brice canyon overlook very nice!!!!!

- Jim E. Anderson April 20, 2016

  Answer Thank-you, Jim for your comment and letting me know.

- Tammy M. Anderson  April 21, 2016

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Question   Hello
This website is amazing and very interesting

- lina alfiana January 12, 2016

  Answer Thank-you so much for viewing our website and for the kind comment, Lina.

- Tammy M. Anderson  April 21, 2016

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Question   Amazing!
Tammy you and your husband and just amazing photographers. And you have captured so many of my favorite places so beautifully and perfectly.

- Sheri Camarda March 29, 2013

  Answer Hi Sheri. So nice of you to drop by. Thanks so much for taking time to look and viewing our gallery. Tammy and Dale

- Tammy M. Anderson  March 30, 2013

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Question   More than amazing!
Yes!, we like the West; the red rocks, Avalanche Lake, Crater Lake, and the tall trees. More than amazing! God knows how to create a picture and you know how to capture it. Can we relocate to the West? Blessings, Julius & Karmen

- Julius & Karmen Carey August 21, 2012

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Question   Breathtaking
WOW!!!!! My desire to see the Grand Canyon has increased while looking at your pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing,

- Susie Rishel June 24, 2011

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Question   Your Gallery

Thank you so much for sharing your website with me. The pictures that you and your husband have taken are absolutely beautiful! I'm already excited to see more of your pictures.

- Ellen Gerstell Stickley August 21, 2010

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Question   Capturing Glory
Uncle Dale and Aunt Tammy,
Amazing, I love how even God's smallest beauties are captured in your photos! Thanks for sharing such exquisite photography!

- Jessica Silber August 12, 2010

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Question   Beautiful
Well , You've done it again. Beautiful pictures. I worry about you and the bears. Keep snappin!
Your little Sister

- Kathy Silber June 28, 2010

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Question   Worthy
You are really touched.
You captured some of "heaven on Earth" for all to enjoy.
Bless you for that.

David Crown

- David Crown June 11, 2010

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Question   Beautiful Gallery
I truly enjoyed browsing through your images. Stunning work!

- Teddianne Lucius February 03, 2010

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Question   Beautiful!
You guys do a great job! I'm highly jealous of your trips. Keep going and keep taking the beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.
Your sis,

- Kathy Silber September 20, 2009

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Question   Simply Stunning Work
One of the most exquisite image collections I

- AEK April 25, 2009

  Answer I'm not sure how half of my comment was left off - but - I'll try again. "One of the most exquisite image collections I've seen. A total treat."

- AEK  April 25, 2009

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Question   Amazing!!
Dale & Tammy,
I just spent the last hour and a half looking at all of your Photo's. WOW! What a trip, you all do some amazing work with the camera.

- Rob Rice January 13, 2009

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Question   Hey guys...
Awesome photos. I need to check back more often. Every time I visit this site, I ask Steph for a new camera so I can get into photography.

- Dean Fragale October 28, 2008

  Answer Hi everyone,
Thanks for visiting our site and for the comment. I try to update it every so often. Check back again soon. See you at Thanksgiving I hope. Take care. Tammy and Dale

- Tammy M. Anderson  October 29, 2008

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Question   Gallery
Enjoyed your gallery very much. You're blessed to have such beauty around you and the ability to capture and share it with the rest of us. Thank you.

- Dale Hardin August 09, 2008

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Question   WOW!
I came across your site while looking through other better photo sites. I absolutely love your pictures of the Blue Ridge Parkway. They are amazing! Great work!!!

- Jamie F July 07, 2008

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Question   Jaw dropping!
An artist couldn't put to canvias the beauty that's been captured in these photos! The quality and detail are just simply breath taking! It makes me want to take up photography! Thanks for telling me about your site Dale! Keep up the good work!

- Greg Fazenbaker June 07, 2008

  Answer Greg

Thanks for taking the time to look at our site and for your nice remarks. We hope you did enjoy the photos and feel free to look at them again. The art of photography is something almost every one can enjoy.


- Tammy M. Anderson  June 07, 2008

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Question   Quality Photo's
Hi Dale and Tammy, I think your on to something here, very nice photo's. Dale you know I'm a firm believer in following your dream. I think you have done yourself proud, keep after it. Jim

- Jim Montgomery May 25, 2008

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Question   The gallery.
WOW. A wonderful pictoral journey through breath taking scenery. Thank you for sharing your intimate moments with nature!

-  March 16, 2008

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Tammy and Dale,what a great site.I have always said that you cant do justice to the west with pictures,but after viewing your site,I believe you guys have truly captured the great outdoors of the west!

-  March 06, 2008

  Answer Just awesome photography! And such a beautiful place to capture. God has surely blessed you!


- Sheri Camarda  October 13, 2009

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